Book Review : Dissent

Author: Deepak Kaul Dissent
No. of Pages: 59
Price: 134 INR
Format: E-book (Kindle Edition)
Language: English
Genre: Fiction


The Times of India ran the Write India Campaign between July, 2015 and May, 2016. Eleven Indian bestselling authors provided prompts on which short stories had to be based. The stories in this collection comprise the author’s submissions for all eleven prompts


All the stories are a slice of life. We have seen, heard or experienced all of them at some point in our lives. The protagonist in each story is going through some struggle and is looking for some hope of a better tomorrow,

The stories are magnificent and draws the reader towards them with all the suspense and drama and leaving a heart-warming and feel-good feeling at the end.

Dissent is about an 1-year-old girl Ila who was brought up by her father and stepmother. Her father was a cotton farmer and Ila used to help him in the fields, against the will of her stepmother and the societal norms which do not allow a female to go the mandi for the selling of the cotton. Her struggle to fight for herself and not marry a mentally retarded rich boy shows her immense strength and love for her father who has always protected her from the bad words of his second wife.

Hell’s Angel is a story about a girl who wants to become the first female Michelin star chef from India. She wanted to do something in Indian cooking. Keeping her goal in mind, she had accepted a position as sous-chef at a popular European style bistro to give herself an exposure and become adapted to the industry. She was working hard under the supervision of a harsh and hard-to-please French chef. And just when things were finally going smoothly, the State Government imposed a beef ban and she was out of her job as beef was a prerequisite in the European cuisine. Heartbroken and hopeless, she was sitting in Starbucks pondering over was it all over for her? And what was she going to do?

All in is the struggle of a scriptwriter who is trying to approach the Top Actor of the Indian movie industry whose approval would fetch him good producers, as well for his story. I fell in the love with this line from the story  “Sometimes in life you have to gather all your remaining chips in both hands, push them into the center of the table and go all in.

LCA (Lights, Camera and Action) presents the Indian Bollywood Industry where the struggling actors/actresses who struggle to reach out to the directors to launch them. Like a stock market, their career also hits the Highs and Lows. To survive, they try moving to the TV industry, exploring regional movies and giving their best in the roles which they don’t even like. The whole set-up is around the business Of TRP’s. And then there is a school of thought which says that really good actors and actresses can emote irrespective of reel/real life.

Mirage talks about the dirty politics and how often people use their powers to get things done. The protagonist is the joint Secretary to a Senior Government official and has used her looks to her advantage. When she realized what she has been doing and that people around are demons and will never bother for what she has done for them, she decides to raise her voice. She has done a great damage to her marriage and it will take a long time to heal.

Taboo revolves around the lives of Diya, Rishaan and Kiara. They all are heading to a wedding and Diya is not at all happy with the fact that Kiara is coming over. There is an element of surprise as the story ends when the reader knows why Diya is so envious of Kiara.

Void is a heartbreaking story when the protagonist meets his ex-girlfriend accidentally at the airport. After graduation, they have never met or spoken to each other and things have changed in these four years. She has moved on and she has no grudge against him or what if she is pretending.

Queens of Hearts is a story of a girl who has two hearts. She takes the reader on the journey of growing up with the two hearts and it is such a loving tale. She is undergoing a surgery and the probability is not high. The end prompts the reader to think for a minute about her and her future.

Love Jihad is a love story. Syed and Gayatri fell in love with each other and did not courage to tell their parents due to the caste issues. Syed got a job offer in Qatar and he left her, promising that he will come back to marry her. Gayatri had family pressure to get married and her hope for Syed was fading away with the distance between the two.

Karma Agni is a story of warrior who goes on a battle leaving his wife. His wife kept waiting for his return to see her carrying their first child in her womb.

How Blue is my Sapphire is a heartouching story of a fisherman and his family who are forced to leave their motherland and live a miserable life and loosing everything in the struggle to survive.

My Rating: 3.5/5

About the Author

Deepak Kaul is a chartered accountant by profession, specializing in international tax. He has over twenty years of work experience, of which twelve were spent overseas in Singapore and USA. Deepak has always been fond of reading; writing is his aspirational hobby and he hopes to pursue it as a vocation.

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I Promise !

Life is very busy and I shared with you earlier  how much I love Friday. The continuous struggle to make our future better overpowers the present.



Today, I am making a list of Promises to myself and will definitely try to keep them and Live Life in Present.

1- I will always give time to the things I love to do and that includes Reading, Cooking and Sleeping.

2- I will not hold the past against me. Letting go will allow me to move forward in life and be happier.

3- I will stop complaining and take charge of my problems and be responsible for my Life.

4- I will be thankful to God and be compassionate to the world around me.

Making these promises, I recall the words of Robert Frost,

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Have you made any promises?

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Book Review: Destiny of Shattered Dreams

Author: Nilesh Rathoddestiny
No. of Pages: 254
Price: 170 INR
Publisher: Rupa Publications(2016)
Language: English
Genre: Fiction


An insider’s view into what goes on behind the glittering facade of corporate stardom, DESTINY of SHATTERED DREAMS is a fast-paced
tale of a brilliant young man’s meteoric rise. It is also a moving portrayal of the fallibility of love.

Ambition, passion
and raw courage are Atul Malhotra’s key aides to realizing his dreams as he learns the art of gambling for high stakes. What follows is a game of treachery, infidelity and murder.

The book lays bare the sordid corporate-politico nexus that compels this once middle-class boy to deftly learn the ropes and negotiate a world where dirty deals and power plays can make or break lives, where one wrong choice could be fatal.

A tale of yachts and hidden Swiss accounts, sordid affairs of lust, intrigue and exhilarating highs, Nilesh Rathod’s Destiny of Shattered Dreams is also the story of innocence forever lost.

Atul Malhotra, the protagonist, is a self-made man. He worked hard to make his dreams come true. But when he falls prey to dirty politics, his life becomes miserable.His wife leaves him and he starts an affair with one of a new joinee in his company, the illegal funds in his business procured from the politicians come into light and there is a raid at his office. His wishful thinking  eventually came true.

The story takes the roller coaster ride of Atul Malhotra, from being a renowned businessman to how he lands behind the bar as a convict.

If you want to know what went wrong, please grab the copy and find out.

Yippee :
The good part is that the reader gets to taste a variety of flavors from romance, emotion, thrill, politics and drama.
There are many characters, but they all have been given a justified role. When one starts the book, it is difficult to put it down, before finishing as the plot is nostalgic.

The author has laid out the reflection of the corporate world very cleverly and the poetry is the added spice to make this novel more appealing.

There are too many financial and business jargons and it might be difficult for readers to understand if they don’t have a background. Also, some of the characters could have been given more light.

My Rating4/5

About the Author
A Graduate in commerce and a Chartered Financial Analyst by education, he co-founded Ensemble Infrastructure India Limited in the year 2002. The company employs over 2000 personnel and has successfully delivered thousands of contracts including offices, hotels, hospitals and retail spaces for top corporates including Apple, Citibank, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Reliance Industries, State Bank of India, Tata Group and Vodafone among others.

‘Destiny of Shattered Dreams’ is a debut in the genre of contemporary fiction.
He also writes poetries in English and Hindi. His first novel has five of his poetries originally written in Hindi.

Born in 1977, he lives in Mumbai with my wife Preeti and sons Shloak and Parv.
You can reach him at

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Note: I received a free copy of the book from the author  in return for my honest review.

I like reading books and share my opinions/thoughts with other readers.
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And She Was Caught red-handed !

She has just got home and it started raining heavily. Looking at the clock, Ishita thought, she has 4 hours before everyone is back home. She quickly had a shower and prepared a hot ginger tea for herself and slipped into her bed with the recently bought book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’.

She was thoroughly enjoying it as she used to when she was a child. Now, after being grown up and having two kids, she rarely gets some alone time to enjoy reading for continuous hours.

Today was something different. Vishal, her husband, was busy at a conference and will be back late night and her kids have gone to a friend’s place for a school assignment and will be back home by dinner.

She was totally engrossed in her book when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped out of shock and stood up.


There she was caught red-handed sitting in the office and daydreaming. Her boss has called her and she was lost in her own world and did not hear the intercom. She was embarrassed and thanked her colleague who has come to check on her.

Quickly, she rushed to the meeting room where her boss was waiting. And she kept wondering whether she will be able to read the book today or she will not have the time to even take it out from her book closet where it has been lying from the day it arrived.


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Fragile Lives

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
But when they die, no one sheds tears for them.

However, the beauty of flowers lies in the fact that they have fragile lives, but their memories are everlasting, sometimes in the form of dried flowers in a diary or maybe a picture of them in one of your albums.


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What You Don’t Know



You were busy to take my calls,
What you don’t know is that I just wanted to hear your Voice.

You said, You can’t come home,
What you don’t know is that I just wanted to see you Once.

You were busy with your friends,
What you don’t know is I waited for you.

You made a promise that you will be there always,
What you don’t know is that I am keeping up with the promise you made…


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Breaking the Myths !!

Do you blindly follow rituals without knowing them? Or do you search for the logic behind them and try to reason it out before practising?

Even in our day to day life, in the name of tradition, we unquestioningly follow traditions and customs and perform all types of religious, social and superstitious rituals without understanding the spirit behind the ritual.

I wonder why we accept customs and traditions without understanding their significance?Just like a blind man lead by others, why do we blindly follow rituals without examining the meaning, logic and significance of that ritual using our own intelligence and judgement?
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not making a statement here and saying all traditions because they are traditions are bad, but I encourage us all to examine why we follow the ones we do, ask questions and find out the logical basis for the ritual, custom or tradition and if we are convinced then we should go ahead in practising them.

Being born and brought up in late 80’s here are few myths and the scientific reason behind them, which I have found through research data available on our favorite search engine Google:

Myth:  Don’t Cut Nails After Sunset !!
Logic: There was no electricity in the time of our ancestors. One could hurt himself while cutting nails in the absence of light. And this seems quite logical. But now many -a- times, we might end up not following this as we have 24*7 power backup and we are always running out of time in the morning to prepare for the day.

Myth: Sweeping the floor during the evening brings bad luck !!
Logic: This emerged out of the fact that some important things might get swept away in the dark light during the night. Following the idea, most of us clean/sweep our homes in the morning only even today.

Myth: Using lemon and green chilies to avert “Buri Nazar” !!
Logic: Both are rich in different vitamins and nutrients, and their usage will help in keeping away the diseases. This is quite scientific, but many people follow it as a superstition only. 

Myth: Don’t wash your hair on a certain day !!
Logic: Our ancestors thought of the next generation way back and this was almost a great technique to save water. In today’s world, this becomes all the  more important.

Myth: Have bathe after attending a funeral ceremony !!
Logic: Earlier there were no vaccinations against hepatitis, smallpox and other deadly and contagious diseases. So, this would have been so as to prevent infection from the dead body.
I did not understand this till the time I found the reason behind it.

Myth: Don’t step out during an eclipse !!
Logic: We have been told since childhood to not step out during a solar eclipse as it can cause retinal burns or “eclipse blindness”. Moreover, pregnant women are advised to stay indoors in the fear of damage to the fetus.

Myth: Women should not work in the kitchen while they are on menstruation !!
Logic: This would have been to give rest to the ladies. Probably women did not work during the early days because of discomfort and slowly this became a ritual and degraded to the form of a superstition and has become a taboo today.

Somehow over the years, the knowledge underlying traditional rituals became more and more esoteric. What got propagated was just the rule, not the reasoning. Is it time we started looking for the good in the past? We could probably find out a lot of answers to our problems if we started studying these in conjunction with our present.

Do you think now that the truth is stranger than fiction? 

What are the traditions which you follow? Please share them with me and let us try to find the truth behind them.


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Do You Love Rains?

It has been sweltering hot summer and the temperatures soared to all-time highs. Everyone was looking forward to the rainy season to get some relief from the sultry days and nights.

Finally, it rained today and the temperature has fallen down considerably.

Sitting in my office, I could hear the pitter patter of the rain, falling on the window pane and it delighted me instantly. I love the rains and the smiles they bring in.

I got up and went to the window. There were some kids on the road, playing in the puddles of water and that reminded me of the childhood days. Oh How much I miss those good old days!

Rushing to the rooftop to get drenched or making paper boats and sailing them were few exciting things to do during the rainy season. Gobbling up the yummy delicacies- the hot pakoras, bhajias and jalebis, which were prepared especially during the evenings during rains without the stress about gaining weight or consuming more calories with the fried stuff.

As I grew up, I worried about the losses which might happen with the heavy downpour. I can’t imagine the plight of people whose houses are swept away during floods or the difficulties faced by common people due to water clogging,  disturbing the daily life.

I am thankful to God for providing  a roof over my head that provides me shelter and food that fills my stomach.

Now, I just sit back with a hot steaming cup of Coffee/Tea and a book in my bed or just sit by the window and watching the rain pouring outside.

But one thing has not changed over the years and that is I still love the rains !

Do you love rains? What do you do when it is raining ??

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Thank God It’s Friday !

After a tiring week, one always look forward to the weekend. In this fast paced life today where we are juggling to meet the deadlines at work and managing the home, Friday is the most awaited evening (Bless those who came up with a five- days working pattern).

On a Friday evening, I like to sit back and relax at home, if there is no plan of travelling over the weekend.

When I come back from work, I try to finish off some household errands, which were not done during the week like laundry, cleaning or buying vegetables and fruits via online shopping. Once done with all these chores, I set the table for dinner and prepare a hot steaming cup of Chai (Tea) for myself.

Mr. A comes back late so I get some ‘Me’ time towards the end of the day.

I sometimes pick up an unfinished book or look for something interesting ones to be read over the weekend, Many a time, I read the posts from the fellow bloggers and seek inspiration from them on some new writings.

When Mr. A is back to home, we both have dinner together and then we watch a movie at home or go to the theatre for a late night show,  as we can afford on getting up a little late on a Saturday being an off.

Saturdays are spent lazily finishing the pending work at home or in the market, eating a good home-made wholesome meal or dining out with friends and family.

Sundays are kept for going out or inviting someone over for the lunch and getting some good sleep before the week sets in again.

And then comes up the dreading Monday again. It is not that I don’t like to go to work, I love my job and I look forward to meeting the colleagues, it is just the Monday Blues keep the spirits low. But once back to the hustle and bustle, I am all geared up to take up the next week, thinking why is Monday so far from Friday??


thank god

Thank God It’s Friday


Happy Weekend to all of you! 

What are you planning to do over the weekend ?? Do share with me in the comments section.