In Conversation With Parul!

In another session of guest blogging, I am really happy to have Parul on my blog today whose writings are marvellous. I fell in love with her Blog – Happiness and Food. Parul describes herself as HR Professional – Working Homemaker – Blogger -Wikipedian -Family Photographer – Engineer. 


This is a Day in her life in her words –

A day in my life?

It can be crazy. Trust me.

Getting up: I wake up around 6 am and after a cup of ginger tea and two rusks, I cycle to my yoga class. However sleepy I may be in the morning, that healthy feeling after each class is what I love the most. The days I can practice yoga, I am my most energetic and positive self.

The race against time: Depending on the traffic, I reach home around 8:20am and then starts the thing I call race against time. While the help cooks, I check my work emails, quickly prepare for my day and get ready. Of course, then it’s about packing the stuff and encouraging VT to move faster. Since both of us work in the same campus, we head out together around 9:30am.

My work day: I work in the Human Resources team at a US retail company and I love my work. I deal with a variety of people throughout my day and trust me, I don’t know what’s coming next. Some days my calendar is free and I plan to get things done but then, something happens and I end up firefighting or resolving issues. People, processes and a whole lot of learning every single day makes me going. My work day leaves no room for anything else and I like the way it is. At the end of day, the satisfaction I derive from accomplishing my daily goals, making a positive impact on the team I support and helping folks be better at what they do keep me going.

My evening calls: Working for a US company with folks I support on both sides of the Atlantic means a couple of evening work calls. I prefer to get back home, make my cuppa and get on to the calls. It’s exciting to exchange thoughts and notes and in turn learn. There is a fair balance and usually Mondays and Fridays are free of calls so I get the time to blog.

Writing fits in my life: I don’t have a special time or table to write. If I can squeeze a few hours after work calls is when I write. I love microblogs and photo posts so usually on work days, these posts are churned. Personal memoirs and stories take time and for them I prefer a quiet environment and a no call-day.

Personal life: By now you must be wondering what do I do at home? I call myself a working homemaker. Over time, I have learnt to effectively delegate household chores so that I can focus on my day job and blogging. My help is a lovely lady who ensures we eat healthy delicious food. VT is a very supportive guy and we both encourage each other to follow our passions and never let the ball drop at work. That is what gets us the bread and butter so it stays top on the priority list.

I could sure use more than 24 hours to do things better but like everyone else I don’t have a choice there. Having a supportive family and the belief in self is what important for me. I appreciate little things and they drive me to focus on life better. I get nervous when things go wrong but I never let things pull me down. The love of those who read my blog matters a lot to me. Whenever I have had doubts about myself, it is the community that has always encouraged me.

Happiness and food is not just a blog for me but a part of my life.

Parul’s blog is a source of inspiration and I always look forward to her blog posts.

You can follow Parul at Facebook or Twitter to know more about her.


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