Soul Sunday #5

It is getting cold here in my area of living and as I am preparing myself for the coming months by layering into multiple woolen clothing, I am thinking of the winter break which I enjoyed during childhood.

The foggy mornings with a hot glass of milk and some healthy pinnis (laddoos) and reading some Dr. Seuss in cozy bed during the vacation are some of the cherished memories from those days.

This is a long weekend. Being at home and doing nothing is one of the pleasures which we never get amidst the hectic schedules. As I am planning to curl up in bed with a cup of ginger tea and a good book, leave away all the worries and enjoy the day.

We should do this often. What do you think??


“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
      ― Guillaume Apollinaire


What are you up to this weekend??


On being home alone!

Working five days a week for almost 10-11 hours  every day, I come back home completely exhausted. I prefer being at home for a couple of hours in the evening during weekdays when I try to relax. Mr. A comes late so I simply sit back and unwinding my senses by doing things which I like. Even as a child, I was sometimes left alone when my parents could not take me along and instead of throwing tantrums, I used to cherish my “me-time”.

Everyone needs a special time, where one should disconnect from all the tensions in my mind and enjoy in own company.

When I was in college, I used to come back to the room after classes, most of the days and that time was spent on reading. I would read endlessly during those days and it was a fun time. When I started working, I hardly found any time to be alone and do anything that I wanted to.

Here are the things, I love to do whenever I get some time alone at home.

Drinking Tea/Coffee

Making myself a cup of hot coffee or my favorite ginger tea and just relaxing is what I enjoy the most.


Grabbing a book and getting lost in the world of reading is my everyday desire and I get to read during the evening, most of the weekdays, waiting for Mr. A.


Walking is good for health and as I am trying to losing weight and maintain a good lifestyle, this is an essential exercise in my daily routine. Though, I do cheat during the weekends :p


Coming back home, as I switch on my laptop, the first thing I do is logging into my blog and drafting out any ideas which came to my mind during the day. Later, I rework on them before publishing.


I have an OCD of keeping the everything clean and organized. Every day, I tidy up the house and kitchen and once done,I am visibly cheerful and content.


Taking a bath releases all my stress and soothes me to a great level.If I feel like spending more time under the shower, I pamper myself with a variety of shower gels and scrubs which I store in the bathroom.


It is said that sleep is the best meditation. I catch up sleep (whenever I can) to wake up with a fresh mind and active body.

After reading all this, you might think I am an introvert. But I would like to tell you that are taking it wrong. I like being alone but only for a short period of time. After that, I start missing people. I am an ambivert, you see. I like social gatherings and being around people but I also need solitude for my sanity.

What do you do when you are alone at home ??

Today is Day 27 of the #DailyChatter by BlogChatter


21 Random Facts About Me

I love making lists and I got excited when I saw this prompt. I jumped to writing down as soon as I reached home after work.


Here are some random facts about me:

  1. Completing a management course, I discovered my interest in writing. I joined a blogging platform 1.5 years ago leaving the corporate sector.
  2. I have a Twin Sibling.
  3. I am an ambivert, I prefer meeting people (who are mostly a closed set of friends).
  4. Every day has to start with a cup of ginger tea and end with a hot cuppa of coffee.I love both of them.
  5. Reading rather than going out for window shopping is my preference if I am free.
  6. I love dosa and sambhar. However, I can never make crispy dosas at home.
  7. I am crazy about handbags.
  8. Winters scare me as I can’t tolerate cold temperatures and the parts of North India are freezing for two months during the season.
  9. I don’t use a lot of make-up. Only Kajal in my eyes and I am ready 🙂
  10. I am firm believer in God. I pray every morning but go to a temple occasionally.
  11. I have learned driving twice and still can’t drive.
  12. I have curly hair and I just love them.
  13. Sweets don’t entice me. I am only fond of gulabjamun.
  14. I can speak four languages, but write only two.
  15. I can’t resist buying stationery, colors, pens, pencils and diaries. Though I never use them.
  16. Buying a home and establishing a “me-corner” is my dream.
  17. I rarely get angry and even when I am angry, I can’t express to someone.
  18. Music is my therapy for any problem.
  19. Diwali is my favorite festival and I love making rangolis and lighting Diyas.
  20. I make a to-do list every day and smile whenever I tick one thing off from it.
  21. Blogging has given me a whole new world and I am very glad to my friend U, who first introduced me to blogs.


This post is written for the  prompt “21 Random Facts about me” #Friday Reflections hosted by Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Corrinne of  Write Tribe.

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The Fantastic Fours!

A friend asked me to take up a challenge and answers some questions. The only Rule being, I have to give the first answer which occurred to me. A big No-No to think and reply. (Exciting !!!) and I accepted without knowing which questions are on my way.

It’s kinda get-to-know-you-better meme and here it goes (Wohooo) 🙂

4 random items in your purse:

  • Hand-Sanitizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Stole
  • A Carry-bag

4 random staples in your closet:

  • Tops
  • Jeans
  • Kurtis
  • Tunics

4 random staples in your refrigerator:

  • Milk
  • Curd
  • Bread
  • Veggies

4 random staples in your pantry:

  • Biscuits
  • Pasta
  • Spices
  • Lentils

4 items (books or other materials) that you have recently read: 

  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
  • Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right
  • Urban Shots
  • Chasing Harry Winston

4 random things you keep meaning to do but keep putting off:

  • Get on regular exercise
  • Cleaning my closet
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Redecorating my work desk

4 random songs on your iPod or playlist:

  • Tum Ho Toh (Rock On)
  • My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)
  • Door Kahin Jab Din (Anand)
  • Ajeeb dastan hai yeh (Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai)


Wasn’t it fun?? Go on and try this. Let us all get to know each other better.

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Let’s Break The Gender Stereotypes

It was 5.30 am and the alarm rang, she wanted to snooze it for few more minutes but could not afford to do so. So, Avantika dragged herself out of the bed. Looking at her husband sleeping, she felt a little envious as she can never sleep longer be it a weekday or a holiday.

Lost in her thoughts, she realised she was running late.Her mornings were really busy, she had to prepare breakfast and pack lunch for the office for both of them. It’s been two years of being married and every day has been so busy, being working full-time and managing a household on her own. Rohan, her husband has never been a part of domestic chores and Avantika never asked him for any help.

It was not that Rohan could not help or Avantika could not ask her to help. But it was that the household chores like preparing food, washing clothes, cleaning utensils and looking after the home have been always considered a woman’s role.

One fine day, while Rohan was still in the bed and she was running around to complete the household tasks, Avantika fell down on the floor. Rohan heard the noise of utensils falling and jumped out of the bed. He saw Avantika lying on the floor unconscious.

He rushed her to the hospital. Doctors examined her and informed them that Avantika has a miscarriage because she was too stressed.. Avantika was advised to take rest as she was weak and in depression of losing a 2.1 months pregnancy.Rohan was in shock himself and he could not see Avantika’s dull face as she has been always so active, bright and chirpy.

When Avantika came home, Rohan told her to take complete rest as advised by the doctor and took over the charge of the household. He decided to take two days leave so that he can take good care of her. Avantika had already informed her manager about the incident.

Next day, Rohan got up early and saw Avantika sleeping. He slipped out silently from the bed and went straight to the kitchen. Never done anything before, Rohan was tired within two hours of cooking and cleaning.

When Avantika got up, he served her a hot healthy breakfast, which he had prepared with so much of effort.Avantika realized how much Rohan was affected from this incident. And she could see how much Rohan loved her. When she got pregnant, they were not able to cherish those moments as they both were very busy in work. But this accident has brought them closer.

When Rohan was trying to put the washing machine on, he could not understand what was going wrong. He had to call Avantika, who turned the Knob and it started in a minute.Then he asked Avantika to take rest and went to buy fresh veggies and grocery.

By the end of the day, Rohan was so tired that he went straight to his bed after making Avantika eat her dinner. He did not wake up till late the next day. When he woke up, Avantika has already prepared breakfast and was looking much better, both in health and mood.

She greeted Rohan with a smile and winked him that she is much better now. Rohan went to Avantika, took her hands in his and promised her that he will now share household responsibilities with her. He loved her a lot and appreciated the strength and energy she put in every day to juggling between a homemaker and a working woman.Avantika was happy to hear this as this would mean they will get to spend more time together, in spite of their work pressures.

This story is purely fictional but what lies behind is the fact this happens with most of the homes in India.We say we are in 2016 bit our societal norms are still based in 1916.


Most households are of the collective opinion that doing any household chore, especially laundry, is a woman’s job. Ariel and BlogAdda fought the imbalance within the household by asking#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob and asking men to #ShareTheLoad a while back. And now it’s time to think of a long term solution to this problem by nipping the prejudice at the bud.


We have all seen the latest #ShareTheLoad advertisement by Ariel going viral. It is commendable for a prestigious brand like Ariel to propagate gender equality and convey a much needed powerful message to the Indian audience today.

Why is Laundry only a mother’s job? Ariel – #ShareTheLoad

The ad shows a woman, deftly managing her home and her work and at the same time also making sure that she caters to every whim of everyone in the house – be it her son or her husband. At the end of the ad, her father is shown realizing his folly of having raised her thinking this is alright; and apologizing to his daughter on behalf of his entire generation that let both men and women grow up believing in the wrong values. But not anymore, he is shown to decide, changing himself by helping out his wife at home and accepting to “share the load.”

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Are you?