OMG, Twins!!!

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.
The bond of twins is unique in different ways. To the world, it’s always so amazing and extremely weird too to be twins. People are naturally curious to talk to Twins.

I am that lucky one to have a twin sister. Being twins our growing up was a unique experience. At first, it was cute, getting all that attention and stuff. But this ongoing process gradually became incredibly predictable and included a series of repetitive questions, my sister and I were wondering why people make such a big deal about us being twins.

The most common question was always, “What’s it like to grow up as a twin?”
My answer was, and has been, the same “I don’t know.”

Here, I am putting down some of the questions, which were directed to us, too often.

“O-M-G! You look so similar! Are you twins?”


This is exactly what people ask when they see twins together. Ummm,if we are dressed alike and look similar does not that mean we are twins??

“So, are you identical??”


No, we don’t look alike. We are fraternal. But what difference does it really make?

“Do you wear the same clothes?”


We are grown up now and we buy our clothes as per our preferences. It is true that our parents dressed us alike when we were young and it was cute, isn’t it?

How did your parents manage?


We don’t know, to be honest. But they were never confused and could easily identify us.

“Can you feel it if the other person gets hurt?”


Do you really want to know this?? To be fair, we never experienced this. Though, there are twins who say that they have experienced some kind of telepathy.

“Which one is the oldest?”



Why does our five-minute age difference fascinate you? We are the same age.

“Do you ever switch places?”



This is an especially stupid question if you are asking Fraternal Twins. No, I didn’t decide to take on my sister’s for a day and she never went to give my exams.

“How do you feel being a twin?”


Come again?? I mean are you asking what it’s like to have a sister, brother, etc. Our lives are normal like you. But yes we are Lucky!!

There have been so many questions that I think If I will not stop here, my list would become another book.

Growing up together, I have realized that it’s indeed a blessing to have a twin sister. I feel thankful that my sister is the one person with whom I can share my true feelings without the fear of being judged.

I love my sister and I want to tell her that ” We’re twins and so we love each other more than other people.”

If you grew up as a twin and have faced any such questions, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Today is Day 20 of the #DailyChatter by BlogChatter.



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