Is it okay to be Imperfect ??

Many of us strive for the perfect house, the perfect relationship, the perfect body, or the perfect career.

I’ve always aspired to be a perfectionist.

As a little girl, I wanted to draw the first painting as good as my teacher. I’ve always wanted to do everything right, the very first time.
When I grew up, I kind of become obsessed with appearance and neatness.Anything which does not match my order is distressing to me.

But is it really a good thing? The reality is that there is imperfection all around, chaos abounds and uncertainty is the only certainty.

I have understood that in order to be perfect, I never dare to take any risk. And it has always prevented me to become better.

Once I came across these lovely lines,

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

Lately, I have been trying to embrace the ‘ideal’ of imperfection, I am listing down few things which I am trying to accept in life.

1- I am not a Superwoman and that is ok.
Those who are around me, see me as a very strong and stable person who can do multiple things single-handedly without any help. But the truth is that sometimes the smile on my face is a cover up. I need to learn to ask for help without the fear of being judged and that it is okay to ask for it, in need.

2- I’ve always been the good kid, the model student and the overachieving careerist.
So what?! I don’t always have to be that person. I can go on a vacation, break a rule and make myself happy and just be me.

3- I should allow myself to live in the present.
Sometimes, it is good to stop worrying for the future and enjoy the moment.Watching the moon, dancing in the rain and shouting my lungs out will not make me any less of a good human being.

4- I can make mistakes.
When we’re trying to be perfect, instead of focusing on the task, we get derailed and lose focus because we’re too worried about making a mistake.There is nothing bad in committing mistakes. It’s great to be your best, however, by being your best you do not always mean being perfect or awe-inspiring.

5- I should love and accept others just as they are.
Demanding perfection from our relationships leads to more problems. We should never compete with others and should never force them to change themselves.

6-Perfect or not,celebrate Life!
Every day is an accomplishment. I don’t have to earn a right to celebrate another year of life. I should be grateful to have the opportunity to continue to grow and improve. Expressing gratitude brings contentment in Life.


Our imperfect moments can be our most defining. We are all imperfectly perfect in our own ways. It is just that we need to accept, learn and grow in journey and most importantly be HAPPY.

I am trying to be imperfectly perfect and letting go of the things over which I cannot control.

Would you like to share your thoughts on this??

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9 thoughts on “Is it okay to be Imperfect ??

  1. shalzmojo says:

    I could realte so much to this post as I have gone from an analistic perfectionist to someone who lives for today and today only. I have left caring or planning for tomorrow as none of it has ever worked out for me and yes I happy and made peace with the way I look, weigh or wear!! 😉

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