Smile Please !

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.”
― Charlie Chaplin

Last night, when I was scrolling down my Facebook Feed. I came across #World Smile Day.
It seemed interesting so I looked for more information 

I thought of  sharing the things which make me Smile when we are celebrating the World Smile Day Today.

Here goes the list 🙂

  1. Sunrise and Sunset.
  2. Blooming Flowers.
  3. Colorful pens, post-its and diaries.
  4. Books and My Kindle.
  5. Diwali Lights.
  6. Talking to my Niece.
  7. Shopping for our house.
  8. Looking at old albums and watching videos.
  9. Getting a call/message from an old friend, after a long time.
  10. A hot cup of ginger Tea.
  11. Comments on my blog posts.
  12. The Email/Text Message at the end of the every month, which says, Your Salary has been credited.
  13. Reading old cards/letters by Family and Friends.
  14. Getting Gifts from Mr. A.
  15. Chatting with my Twin Sister for long hours.
  16. Sitaphal Icecream from Naturals Parlour.
  17. Moon and Twinkling Stars.
  18. Birds at my Kitchen Window.
  19. Plants in my balcony.
  20. Gulabjamun with Vanilla Icecream.
  21. Buying Gifts for Family.
  22. Listening to my favourite songs when I commute for work.
  23. The smile on my parents’ face.
  24. Ticking off a task from my to-do list.
  25. Putting Kajal in my eyes.
  26. Booking Holiday Tickets.
  27. Sharing Happiness and Love.
  28. Seeing you smiling now, as you are reading this 🙂

What makes you smile??

This is Day 7 of of the #DailyChatter by BlogChatter.


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