And She Was Caught red-handed !

She has just got home and it started raining heavily. Looking at the clock, Ishita thought, she has 4 hours before everyone is back home. She quickly had a shower and prepared a hot ginger tea for herself and slipped into her bed with the recently bought book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’.

She was thoroughly enjoying it as she used to when she was a child. Now, after being grown up and having two kids, she rarely gets some alone time to enjoy reading for continuous hours.

Today was something different. Vishal, her husband, was busy at a conference and will be back late night and her kids have gone to a friend’s place for a school assignment and will be back home by dinner.

She was totally engrossed in her book when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped out of shock and stood up.


There she was caught red-handed sitting in the office and daydreaming. Her boss has called her and she was lost in her own world and did not hear the intercom. She was embarrassed and thanked her colleague who has come to check on her.

Quickly, she rushed to the meeting room where her boss was waiting. And she kept wondering whether she will be able to read the book today or she will not have the time to even take it out from her book closet where it has been lying from the day it arrived.


I am participating in  BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm and today is Day 4 of the #BarAThon.



3 thoughts on “And She Was Caught red-handed !

  1. Nilima Mohite says:

    Haha ! I might daydream soon too & I always think I will be Caught red handed. But not for reading though. It might be for working at a stretch for 5-6hrs 😀 I am always cross checking when I work late into the night to check if someone will interrupt or scold me for working so late 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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