And her eyes fell on him!

It’s been a year, she came to know of him. She felt cheated, dejected and hopeless. How could he? It has been 5 years of being married and she loved him more than her life. There was no one with whom, she can share this. She decided to go and meet him.

Ria and Aryan had been seeing each other since their college days. They completed their graduation and got placed in different cities.Their love was blossoming higher with each passing day. Finally, they decided to tell their parents about their relationship and luckily both the families agreed happily.

They got married with the blessings and wishes of family and friends. Aryan took a transfer to Pune where Ria was posted.

5 years passed by, they both were madly in love with each other. One day, when Aryan was taking a bath, Ria received a courier for him. She opened it and her world came crashing down. She could not believe that Aryan has cheated on her and he had an extra-marital affair with another girl in Delhi.

The letter was

Dear Mr. Aryan,

We are pleased to inform you that Smriti has given birth to a healthy baby boy. 

However, we would like to tell with deep sorrows that she is no more.

Please inform us by when you can come down and do the formalities to take the baby with you. He is there is our custody at the Orphanage.

Father Abbey
St. Thomas Orphanage
New Delhi “

She was trembling when Aryan came out. She got intensely quiet and passed the letter to him . Aryan was in shock and he did not understand what to do next. He wanted to tell about this to Ria but did not courage to break her heart.

Aryan went to Ria and sat on his knees, crying badly. He said, ‘ Please forgive me Ria. I wanted to tell you about this but….’. As she walked away, he grabbed her arm and told her to listen to him once.

Aryan had gone to Delhi on a business trip where he met Smriti. She was a part of his client’s team. He could not stop but marvel at her , she was smart, savvy and beautiful. After a few meetings, they both knew that they have started liking each other.Without realising, they got involved in a relationship and Smriti got pregnant.

Aryan told Smriti about Ria and that he could never leave her. He asked Smriti to get the child aborted. Surprisingly, Smriti left and never got in touch with him. He came back with a heavy heart and guilt, thinking that Smriti would have aborted the baby.

Ria could not forgive Aryan. She could not trust Aryan anymore, but she could not stop loving him too. They stayed together, but nothing else remained the same between them. Aryan never visited the child and tried to revive the love and trust between them. But Ria was heartbroken.

A year passed by and Ria felt a void inside. She could no longer bear the pain inside her. She did not understand why her heart always wanted to visit the baby, who had no family. She felt an urge to meet the baby.

One day, without informing Aryan, she booked her ticket to Delhi.

She met Father Abbey at the orphanage at showed him the letter that he had written. Father Abbey took her to the nursery room where the baby was being looked after by the members at the Orphanage. Her heart was racing fast and she could feel her anger building up with every breath. She stopped at the entrance of the room and thought of going back without seeing the child.

But something inside her forced her to step in and there she saw the face of the baby. He was crying, and she felt sorry for him. She took him in her arms and their eyes met. She was overwhelmed.



Holding him simply wiped away everything that existed before her. It was at that moment that she felt the sense of responsibility and the love that is being a parent. It was truly a life-changing moment for her.

This is a work of fiction written as a part of #Friday Reflections hosted by Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Corrinne of  Write Tribe.

Also associated with Blogchatter and Chaipoint for their Mothers Day Special.







6 thoughts on “And her eyes fell on him!

    • throughthewindowoflife says:

      Yes Sanch, I have always heard from people that seeing or holding their child for the first time was the happiest moment in the life.

      This time participation was at the last moment though, couldn’t think of writing with the tough ones.

      Looking forward to next Friday 🙂


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