i’m lovin’ it !

Life is too busy these days and I am unable to find Happiness in little things.
When I saw this prompt ” What do you love about life right now? ”  at  Friday Reflections, hosted by Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Corrinne of  Write Tribe, I jumped into making my list of gratitude.

I have found that if you love Life, Life will love you back.

Here’s is what I am loving about Life right now:

Family: When everyone in your family is doing good, You are happy 🙂
By the grace of God,  everyone is doing well and it’s a great relief to see them smiling these days.I wish this happiness to last forever.

Job: I’m loving my job right now. Being gone through so much of hardship to find and settle in a good job, I am glad that it worked out finally and I am happy with my present role since I joined a year ago.

Me time: As mentioned earlier, I’m so busy at work these days that I am bleary most of the time. Inspite of the tiresome schedules, I am able to find some “ME-time”, trying to be at peace and catching up with reading books and listening music.

Being Social: I am an ambivert in nature and people (who don’t know me well) always consider me as an introvert. Lately, I have realised that I have good friends in my Life on whom I can rely without being

Challenges: I have started accepting challenges with an optimistic approach. I am believing in myself and making decisions on own. Be it a project at work, some problem in personal life or trying to become regular at blogging, I am striving to meet the challenges.

So that is how I am happy about my Life right now. I am thankful to God and express my gratitude in my daily prayers. What about you??


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