99 things I love!

Usually I prefer making a to-do list at the beginning of each day so that I don’t miss any important task. My mom always asked me to make the grocery list before we step outside for the weekly/monthly shopping.
This is the first time, I am listing down things that I love and make me happy.

Here are the 99 things I love.
1- My Husband, Mr.  A
2- My Parents
3- My family
4- My pet Bruno( a black Labrador)
5- Reading
6- The smell of old books
7- Watching movies with Mr. A
8- Bright colors
9- Sleeping till late over a weekend
10- My job
11- Blogging
12- Coffee on a rainy day
13- Food made by my Mom
14- Spending time with my friends
15- Talking to those close buddies over phone whom I can’t meet frequently
16- Music
17- Preparing for Festivals
18- Cooking
19- Nail paints
20- The first rains of the season
21- My eyes and putting Kajal in them
22- Playing with my niece
23- Flowers
24- Bags
25- Wearing Saree on an occasion
26- Travelling with Mr. A
27- A bath after a hectic day
28- Morning prayers
29- A hot sunny day in winter
30- My curly hair
31- A good healthy breakfast
32- A cup of ginger tea
33- Remembering good old times from the photos
34- Getting cards
35- Resetting my wardrobe every alternate week
36- The excitement to see the new born baby of a friend
37- The “Me Time”
38- Chilled lemonade with fresh mint
39- Meeting siblings and cousins
40- Putting oil in my hair before dozing off
41- Yogurt and recipes from yogurt
42- Watching a TV series
43- Sitting near by a river bank
44- Sleeping in Mr. A’s arms
45- Perfume
46- Sunday Brunches
47- Watching an old movie on a lazy afternoon
48- Going for a Walk
49- Visiting my Grandparents
50- Sharing Chocolates
51- Watching kids play in the Garden/Park
52- Dosa ( A South-Indian dish)
53- The chirpy sounds of Birds.
54- Playing board games
55- Reading columns from few newspapers
56- Thinking and planning for vacations
57- Watering the plants in my Garden
58- Shopping for home decorations
59- Being Empathetic
60- Sharing food with colleagues at work
61- The onset of Spring season
62- My Twin Sister
63- Reading stories to my niece.
64- Talking about dreams and goals with Mr. A
65- Getting appreciated for the delivering good work
67- The message of salary being credited to my account
68- Listening to Radio when struck in traffic
69- Eating Fruit Icecreams
70- A New Haircut
71- Trying new Recipies
72- Girls catch-ups over a Holiday
73- Coloring
74- Humming songs while trying to finish some boring work
75- Being a  woman #WomanInMe
76- Watching old albums/videos and making fun of them
78- Anklets
79- Bangles
80- Putting Heena/Mehandi for Karwachauth
81- Making Rangoli
82- Making ice-popsicle at home
83- Watching the Sun rise and Sun set.
84- Ticking off a good book at Goodreads
85- Making others feel happy
86- Seeing a smile on an old aged person
87- Getting pampered by younger ones
88- Receiving a  notification of a comment/like on my blogpost
89- Looking at the Moon on a starry night
90- When someone compliments on looking fit or losing weight
91- Finding solution to a problem when everyone was stuck at that
92- Doodling over my diary, thinking of something
93- My Engagement Ring
94- Having good friends in life
95- The smell of a fresh flower in the morning at my desk
96- Getting up after a soung sleep
97- Playning Badminton
98- The pickle made granny
99- And being Thankful to GOD

I  enjoyed participating in Friday Reflections, hosted by Sanch of Living My Imperfect Life and Corrinne of  Write Tribe.


10 thoughts on “99 things I love!

  1. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    How lovely to be part of a pair of twins. I dont’ have a sister, but always wished I had a twin!
    Thanks for joining us with your lovely list. Pickles are always on my list of loves.

    PS: Are you on Twitter?


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