Book Review: The Ribbon Trap


Author: Shine Syamaladevi The Ribbon Trap cover with LiFi emblem
No. of Pages: 271
Price: 295 INR
Publisher: LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd. (2016)
Language: English
Genre: Romantic Thriller (Fiction)

How can one reclaim life?
Smita asks the question a thousand times, when an unexpected incident devastates her life.
Then, she was not ‘any other’ girl.
Smita soars from the ashes of her past, to reclaim her life. The more she went ahead, darker the world become. And there was no light at the end of the tunnel.
Smita had to fight the battle, alone.
For her.
For her love.
For her life.


The Ribbon Trap is a romance thriller, set up around the two simple characters of Smita and Krishnaprem. The story starts in government office where Krishnaprem is busy working. Then the author takes a journey to the Past (Flashback). The more you read, the more suspense you will find, which will ensure that you reach the end before you put down the book.

I liked the simplicity of the characters and fell in love with Smita, the protagonist. She is hard-working, beautiful and intelligent. The character seems to be a girl-next-door. The character of Krishnaprem justifies himself from the beginning to the end. He is an orphan and has been brought up at an orphanage.He proves himself by studying and working hard.

The story revolves around these two people, how they fell in love at a young age. But moved on to study and placed themselves in good positions before deciding for their future.Their love grows and even the long-distance relationship does not affect their relationship.

Smita becomes the victim of politics at her office and One day brought a complete change in her life. The ending is unexpected and here the author takes the reader’s heart.

Yippee 🙂
The plot is laid around in a simple manner and the reader can relate to the situations easily. The story takes a roller-coaster ride and ends with the revelation of the facts which are quite surprising.This is indeed an amazing debut by Shine Syamaladevi.

Oops 😦
The story switches from the past to the present in every alternate chapter blocking the flow of the plot and sometimes, the reader gets confused since so many questions remain unanswered till the end. Besides, there are many grammatical errors which could have been avoided with better proofreading.

My Rating: 3/5

About The Author
Shine Syamaladevi was born in a small village in Kerala. An avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, he believes passionate dreams really come true. The journeys around the nation on various official appointments added fuel to his passion, eventually resulting in his first book. His dream.
He can be reached at or here.
You can follow him @ facebook Twitter

Where to find the book??


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