What a year it was! 2015

So it is the time to say goodbye to 2015!

If I go back and analyse, this year was a roller coaster ride, hunting for new job and settling down in a new city. As it is ending, I have a sense of satisfaction and hope that 2016 will bring in more happiness.

2015 started off with returning from a holiday. The Goa trip was amazing and much awaited as we ( Mr. A and I) met our old friends after 6 months.I also started a hunt for a job seriously. Soon, I found one, near to my place and accepted it.

I joined in February and was glad to be back into corporate after a gap of 8 months. I also created a blog after getting inspired from a friend. Life was getting busy, juggling between house, work and family.

March was special, being the birthday month. I started blogging and finally posted my first blog post. To add to the excitement was my cousin’s wedding. It is always so good to go back to your family and folks and every moment becomes a celebration then.

During April, some things turned out pretty bad, giving me a setback and work pressures added to the much turbulence. I was in a dilemma if I had made a mistake in joining without much thought as I was not happy with my work.The things that kept my spirit on were the inspirational books I had on my table, to beat out the mood and energy.

As growing older, I have been gradually developing gratitude in my self and have learnt to identify and appreciate little things in life. During May, Work was still stressful and nothing much changed. I even started looking for some job change options.

In June, I got an unexpected job offer and could not deny it, being the kind of job I always wanted to be in. I told my boss about it and without much stress, I was relieved.

With new hopes and aspirations, I joined a new workplace in July. Life was not easy but I was happy in the first week of joining itself. I made new friends at work and most of the time was spend (At work or At home) working.

Being busy with work, I could not spend much time with Family, so decided to go to hometown over an extended weekend in August.I had started a blog but I was not able to write down many blog-posts since then. Work commitments, family priorities and other things prevented me to pen down the thoughts running in my mind.

Around September, Mr. A booked tickets for a holiday and both of us applied for a 10-day leave. I spent most of time working or reading, learning new things in life and questioning my ideas, beliefs and morals.

In October, we went off to Kashmir as planned and it was a much-needed vacation. Being so close to nature, brought in inner peace and uplifted the mood. It was the first time ever in this tech age that we did not bother to be on Phone, Laptop or any media for that matter.

There were so many festivals around November that we ended up travelling every week to our folks. I had some “me time” during some days as Mr. A was travelling for work purposes as well.

Finally, this month December has been very chilly just as the weather outside. One more day to go and we will enter 2016. As I am writing this post, I feel this year taught me good lessons and I have grown up into being more happier, assertive(but not selfish), confident and easy-to-go woman.

I do not make new year resolutions, but I am looking forward to the new year with open heart 🙂 I shall try to become a good human, live my life to the fullest, read more and more books and lat but not the least be more regular into blogging !!

How was your year?

I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda







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