Miss You

All alone by myself

You are not by my side.

Can’t hear your voice

throughout the day

or lay with you at night.

The calls are so few next to void

I go crazy wondering why.

If only I could reach You 

to know that You are alright

I pray to God

each and every night

to keep You safe and sound 

and one day You will come home…..

I need You here !!

No matter where You are tonight

I am with You in your heart.

Everyone keeps asking about You 

I tell them you are busy.

But how could I stop the nightmares ?

But how could I stop thinking about You ?

Crying in the night

my heart aches and I miss You

and no matter how hard I try

But I can’t keep tears falling.

Every time I recall You

I love You and I miss You !!

Love Birds

Love Birds

I hope

One day You will come home….


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