Say Thank You

The famous adage If you help, it will eventually come back to you brings the importance of courtesy, gratitude and thank you .

We often seek other in need but we never go back to say a simple Thank You once it’s successfully completed. Remember the people , who are there for you, in daily ordinary life. From your domestic help to the security guard, who takes care of your house in your absence, from chauffeur to the office boy, who is always there for you at workplace. We never express our gratitude and often take them for granted, thinking it is the part of your job.

But I wonder why we can’t be polite and gentle with them expressing them our sincere appreciation and acknowledgement. They are doing something worth noticing and a simple Thank you is effective and powerful.

Say Thank you to God for blessing you with such a wonderful life, lovable family, good health and wisdom !

Say Thank you to Your Parents who have sacrificed so many things in your upbringing, without expecting anything in return !

Say Thank you to your Spouse who is always there in good and bad times,supporting and motivating you !

Say Thank you to Your Friends who are always there be it any hour of the Day !

Say Thank you to any any everybody who is around you because they might be a reason for your success, your smile and your existence !

So go ahead and say Thank you to the very first person you meet after reading this, and you never know the ripple effect that might come, now or in future !!! 🙂



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