Are We Happy?

Whenever I sit down after a hectic day, I wonder how life has become so busy.

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The question which arouses is whether we are living our lives or we have become robots , who do their programmed functions. everyday we get up , go to work , come back home and the cycle follows for countless days in a year.

Why life is moving so Fast????

Why we are running to catch up with the World????

People say that to live a good lifestyle , you should earn well. But I want to ask them that what is the use of earning so well that you don’t get time to enjoy and relax. The meaning of relaxation now-a-days is planning a Holiday over a weekend or couple of days.In daily chores, we have made life so mundane that we look for days when we can celebrate Life.

Isn’t this wrong? We don’t value Life.

God has given everything and it depends on us how we utilize. The inevitable truth is Death . If you keep on earning to save for Old Age , you don’t know if you have that long life which guarantees a happy ending.

It does not require a great change in the life you are living today, just a few alterations to manage your time will help you in finding Happiness. Live your dreams,enjoy life and most importantly be thankful to your Parents and God.

Find some time for yourself on a daily basis.Make your family feel your presence. Appreciate the beauty of Nature. Help the Needy.



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